My name is Thibault, I'm a Software Engineer based in Bangkok. I have 4 years of experience in web development using Ruby, PHP, Javascript, Go, Docker and a bunch of other stuff.

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Here's what I know and how I learned it.


November 2015

Tech Services Manager

Playlab, Bangkok

The Tech Services team includes Software Engineers (Backend & Platforms), Devops and Build Engineers. The goal of this team is to assist the game teams to create games faster either by creating backend services, finding external tools, automating the build process and creating Unity SDKs. The team contains 9 people.

My role as the Tech Services Manager is to obviously manage this team, decide what we build and how, ensure that the team members are continuously learning and that the game teams are satisfied and able to create games faster.
November 2015
May 2015

Backend Team Lead

Playlab, Bangkok

- Manage Backend team with SCRUM processes (standup, sprints, poker planning, ...)
- Maintain existing web APIs built with Ruby, Node.js, Postgres, MongoDB, ...
- Build and maintain a Single Page Application built with React.js.
- Prioritize tasks based on company's needs
- Research and implement micro-services architecture
May 2015
March 2015

Software Engineer (Backend)

Playlab, Bangkok

- Create and maintain analytics ETL (Open Source) built with Ruby
- Maintain legacy backends for games such as Juice Cubes and Jungle Cubes
- Create micro services based on game teams needs using Ruby and Node.js
February 2015
May 2013

Software Engineer

AppyHotel, Bangkok

- Manage the server infrastructure
- Create and maintain backend applications and APIs created with Ruby on Rails
- Offer technical expertise to CEO and VP to make the best choices (time, cost, ROI)
- Create a Single Page Application with Angular.js to show hotel's digital brochures




Expert in Information Technologies

I studied a Master in Computer Science for 5 years in Bordeaux, France.



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Where to find me? Just shoot me an email ;)

I live in Bangkok, Thailand. You can contact me by email at thibault(at) or hire me on Upwork.
Thibault Denizet


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